Management Policy

Quality Policy

The top priority task in our production activities is to establish, implement, and maintain quality management system, in order to enhance customer satisfaction and improve quality continuously. We are dedicated to observe the quality management system and ensure all activities are carried out in line with the quality policy as follows:

◆ Increase the quality.
◆ Meet the customer demands.
◆ Reform the company.
◆ Develop each other.
◆ Keep on the improvement.

This quality policy provides a framework for establishing and reviewing annual quality objectives, and each department should make the related quality objectives on the basis of the Quality Policy. KPC Metal Co., Ltd. (KPCM) shall ensure that this policy is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of KPCM. Quality Policy shall be reviewed annually for suitability and improved continually, and modified so as to appropriate the changes of internal and external circumstances of company if necessary. CEO shall ensure that the above quality policy commits to comply with requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.

Environment Policy

In order to contribute to the preservation of environment and the health and safety of employees, envirionment management system is established throughout our organization, with respect to production activities, products and optional services. Environment policy will be implemented in all production processes, meeting the needs of customers and the community. We will adhere to our HSE policy as follows:

◆ Environment management shall be prerequisite consideration in all management decisions.
◆ Comply with all applicable domestic and international laws and regulation requirements, collect environmental opinions of     interested parties, reflect and implement in management.
◆ Set up and implement environment management objectives and detailed plans for continuous improvement and periodically     review the implementation status, in order to enhance effectiveness of environment management system.
◆ Apply environment policy in all work processes to prevent environmental pollution, improve working environment, and meet     requirements of interested parties.
◆ Organize continuous improvement activities.

The ultimate responsibility and authority for environmental management activities and other environmental issues lies with the CEO, and all employees are requested to set up detailed environment objectives, target, and implementation plan by each work function in accordance with the policy. Results will be reviewed periodically as a part of business performance and shared with all interest groups of the community.

Safety & Health Policy

KPCM take the safety and health of its employees and business partners first, establish a safety and health management system, and create a culture in which all employees actively participate in the prevention of safety accidents. KPCM express the following seven policies to be a safe, clean and lively workplace.

1. Establish a safety and health management system in which all employees participate, continuously improve and operate the     system.
2. Establish goals for safety and health and set and implement improvement plans to achieve them.
3. Completely comply with safety and health related regulations and related guidelines.
4. Establish and implement a safety education and training plan to promote safety awareness.
5. Ensure that all employees are fully responsible for their safety and health activities.
6. The safety and health policy is open to stakeholders when requested.
7. Endeavor to become a trusted company by fulfilling its social responsibilities.

KPCM share and disseminate the above safety and health policy to all employees in the field to achieve the zero-accident goal, and all employees will take the lead in creating a reliable and competitive company.

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